TaM Solutions take your ideas and return them to you as real products

Do you need to make your ideas a reality and don't know where to start?

Is your R&D department overstretched and you need to add more capacity?

Have you got problems with your prototypes you cannot solve?

TaM Solutions can solve your problems and deliver your objectives fast


We have the experience to create electronics that are robust and reliable. Save time, save money and improve customer experience by using our skills to deliver your ideas


Moving data around is core to most modern day products and systems. You can use our 20 years of experience making sure your data is captured, stored and used securely and effectively

User experience

Front end user exerience is key when delivering digital products to your customers. We can deliver the designs that will impress your customers with intuitive and engaging experiences

TaM Solutions - what do we do?

PCB design

If you need a PCB designed we have decades of hands on experience designing consumer and commercial circuits


If you need to get an idea to a working prototoype or MVP then we can do this for you, discussing what you want to achieve and delivering you a prototype PCB for testing


Hardware is nothing without firmware and our rigorous approach to hardware design makes our firmware more reliable and deliver a better experience for your customers

Data transfer and APIs

Whether you are capturing data from IoT devices or gathering user inputs through a mobile device or webpage we can help design and deliver your data processing requirements

Database design

Capturing data is important but storing it in the most effective way if equally important. We can help you design relational databases that make data analysis and extraction easy

User experience

We have over 15 years experience designing and delivering engaging user interfaces for apps and websites to make it easy for users to interact with complex systems

TaM Solutions is a company that has been created so its founding members, Toby Hart and Mark Spavin, can deliver their experience and experties to others to avoid costly mistakes and delays


Toby Hart

Toby started work in retail after graduating from London University in 1992. Over the next 11 years he worked for a number of high street and mail order retailers such as Mothercare and Pastimes, working in management positions in both store and head office. This culminated in Toby undertaking a senior management position as Head of Merchandising for Hamleys Group where he was heavily involved in managing data and optimising processes in what was a very archaic system.

When Hamleys was bought by Bauger Group Toby took the opportunity to realise his share options and start his own business in technology.

Toby has run busniesses from DVD authoring to web development to hardware and software solutions for the care industry. In recent years Toby has developed solutions based on the Internet of Things to help vulnerable people to live independently for longer.

Merging his experience of managing data, and linking that to physical hardware and user interfaces on both apps and websites, Toby has a wealth of experience in delivering end to end solutions.

Mark Spavin

In 1977, a couple of years after building his first computer, Mark started an engineering apprenticeship gaining experience in manufacturing. After completing his apprenticeship in electronics manufacturing he moved to Educational Electronics most notably working on VELA, an innovative data logging tool for schools and universities.

Following this Mark moved to Polytechnic Electronics to design the first GPS receiver in the UK. It was during this time that Mark started to apply his software skills to commercial products and developed systems using bare metal coding.

The next 17 years were spent contracting for both software and hardware projects building award winning products. Mark worked with many companies including Bentley, Panasonic, Sony, Ericsson, Yeoman Marine, Peek Traffic, Navstar, Glance Information Systems and Medix.

With his vast array of skills and knowledge Mark moved to Cognito, then onto Sony/Ericsson and finally to Vodafone.

With Vodafone he worked with Microsoft on their entry into the mobile phone market. The final 12 years were spent as Technical Authority in Vodafone for Paknet, a specialised UK wide cellular data network, operating independently of the mobile phone network, designing systems for major utility suppliers, security firms, banks and government initiatives (smart metering).

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