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Bringing the internet to vulnerable and older people

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Your dedictated mobile phone app to improve tenant engagement

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SimplyUnite Connect

Connect has been developed to deliver greater access to tenant services for social housing occupants and providers. Our smartphone app, available both for iPhone and Android devices, provides tenants with a simple way to interact with their landlord.

Connect includes a powerful online gateway enabling the housing provider to manage communication and efficiently engage with their tenants.

The Government's Digital by Default agenda is now moving at a fast pace. As more services are being delivered online we are helping organisations to deliver access to digital services and give choice to their tenants in how they interact with them.

Here are the benefits you can gain by adding Connect to your channels of communication with your tenants:

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Efficient Fault Reporting

  • Save money on call centre staff by receiving reports digitally
  • Tenants can deal with the fault when and where they find it
  • Include a photo with the report
  • Geolocate the fault using the phone's built in GPS
  • Alert the tenant to the date, time and job reference number directly through the app
  • Easy chat both ways to help keep the tenant up to date
  • Receive feedback about the repair
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Rent reminder and payment

  • Protect yourselves from the risk of arrears when Direct Payments start by making it easy for your tenant to manage and pay their rent through the app
  • Send the tenant their account balance either automatically or upon request
  • Send reminders to pay the rent through SMS text, push alerts and email
  • If you use Allpay you can manage their PRN reference for them so that they can make payments through the app
  • Alternatively you can direct your tenants to your online payment webpage
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  • Engage with your tenants to improve response rates to surveys
  • Tenants can instigate contact with you or you can create bespoke questions for them to answer
  • Survey Monkey surveys can be easily added to the App so your tenants link to them quickly and easily
  • Create and manage the Connect surveys through the online management portal
  • Reponses to Connect surveys can be reviewed and downloaded as a spreadsheet instantly
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Keep your tenants up to date

  • Instantly update contact details
  • Ensure contact details are always accurate
  • Publish changes to tenancy terms and conditions
  • All apps instantly synchronise when next online
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Other features

  • ASB reporting
  • Budget Calculator
  • Link to Direct Gov Job Search
  • Link to your Facebook page
  • Capture crucial tenant information
  • Link to Direct Gov bedroom tax calculator
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Find out how powerful Connect can be to help you engage with your tenants by calling 0845 388 4453 or email us at

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